Dear partners, customers and expert community!


We were forced to inform that the Integrated Construction Design Institute LLC (ICDI) was attacked by raiders using significant administrative resources.


Owners of 50% stake in the registered capital of ICDI represented by A. Koziuk and O. Fomenko do not have access to the office, property, bank accounts, accounting and technical documentation of the Company, as well as intellectual property.


Please be recalled that at the ICDI Meeting of Shareholders dated May 29, 2019, the co-owner of the Company Andrii Koziuk was approved as the director instead of Ivan Voitovich, who was accused of removing working capital and direct commercial damage to ICDI in the interests of International Design Institute LLC.


However, with the help of “black registrars”, the Company’s account in the registers was changed, and therefore ICDI appealed to the Ministry of Justice with a complaint. Law enforcement authorities instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of interference in property registers, pre-trial investigations are ongoing. But the decision on economic and criminal lawsuits, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, can last for months.


In this situation, ICDI cannot guarantee the timely and high-quality fulfillment of its obligations, as well as ensure the payment of wages to staff. In this regard, the Company is forced to announce the SUSPENSION of its economic activity until the conflict is resolved.


We informed the business ombudsman’s office and anti-corruption public organizations about the raiding, since we consider this conflict not only a violation of the property rights of the owners of the company, but also a significant reputation risk for the investment climate in Ukraine and the image of the country declaring the rule of law.


Details of the conflict are summarized in the Company's press release on Interfax-Ukraine.


We will inform the expert community and partners about the current status of the Company through the official Facebook page and business media.


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